Monday, April 9, 2012

Dolls of the World: Irish (2nd Edition)

This Irish Barbie holds a special place in my heart because it was given to me by Uncle Charles on the 22nd of November 1998 when I was holidaying in Malaysia. Uncle Charles and I went all over Kuala Lumpur in search for Barbie dolls and we found this gem in a small, forgotten toy shop. He was proud as punch when he found this shop as well as discovering that Soho department store had a good selection as well. Uncle Charles passed away one month after our visit at the age of 46. It was a huge shock to the family and we still feel his loss today. Every time I look at this Barbie, I think about his enthusiasm for my hobby and his tireless effort in pursuit of yet another toy shop (we must have visited at least 15 toy stores). Uncle Charles is sadly missed, and I truly treasure this Barbie for it holds so many fond memories, not just of the last time I spent with him looking for dolls, but of what a kind, happy-go-lucky, resilient and generous man he was.

Aunty Jenny said that Uncle Charles picked this doll because he liked women with big breast and big hair! Yes, Barbie has incredible "assets" and her huge head of fine auburn hair is enviable. Mattel doesn't make hair like this any more, which is a shame as one of the best things about playing with Barbie when I was a child was brushing her hair. Barbie's dress is made of green linen-like fabric trimmed with white lace. She also wears a lace bonnet, a shamrock brooch, gold stud earrings and green high heels.

Release date: 1 January 1995
Label: Special Collection
Ebay price as at April 2012: US$25 - US$70

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