Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scarlett O'Hara: Twelve Oaks Barbeque

Gone with the Wind has to be one of my all time favourite films, and I adore the green dress that Scarlett O'Hara wears to the Twelve Oaks barbecue. I read the book when I was sixteen and watched the film countless of times and yet never tire of it. I love the story of the courageous, determined heroine who did what she had to do to survive during trying circumstances. Sure she had to "lie, steal, cheat and kill", but she was a single (when she was between husbands) woman living during and post the American civil war, trying to protect her family and ensure its continual prosperity.

Mum pointed out that one of the main reasons I like the film is because of the costumes and I suppose she is right! I love the scene where Mammy is helping Scarlett dress for the barbecue and is aghast that Scarlett intends to wear her green dress, "You can't show your bosom 'fore three o'clock!" chides Mammy. I love how Scarlett looked as she ascended the grand staircase at Twelves Oaks while flirting with the men. I'm sure it wasn't a comfortable dress combined with the corset, crinoline and petticoat, but it was stunningly beautiful.

Mattel faithfully recreated the dress worn by Scarlett in the film. Barbie wears a wide brim straw hat tied with a green ribbon under her chin. She has green eyes with rooted eyelashes and gold stud earrings (I didn't notice this in the film but it would have been great if her coral necklace was included). I adore the sprig printed chiffon gown and marvel at the layered petticoat, hoop crinoline and lace edged pantalets - what a delightful addition! Barbie wears flat green shoes and carries a parasol.

Release date: 1 January 1995
Label: Collector Edition
Ebay price as at April 2012: US$30 - US$100

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