Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Waltz Barbie and Ken Giftset

This Waltz Barbie and Ken Giftset is still in the box because it is so beautifully presented, and de-boxing the dolls would mean that their waltz embrace would be lost. This set is wonderfully designed and produced, and the details are what makes collecting such a pleasure.

Barbie is beautiful, with her blonde hair neatly combed back and secured in a pink hairnet which sounds terribly old fashion but looks elegant. Her face is serene with blue eyes and deep pink lips. She wears a beaded choker and pink crystal stud earrings. Her pink chiffon and charmeuse gown has a hand beaded bodice, and is edged with pink marabou feathers which would flow and sway elegantly as she dances. A pair of pink opera length gloves and pink high heels completes her outfit.

I’m not sure I like Ken which is unfair because he does look dashing in his black tuxedo with tails. His crisp white shirt and matching bow tie and vest is teamed with a black jacket, pants and polish black dress shoes which is a handsome ensemble. His brown hair is slicked back, but what makes him look a bit sleazy is his thin moustache! Yes, a moustache! I know facial hair is the look du jour, but I don’t think it was needed in this case. Mattel also released a Barbie and Ken Tango Giftset where Ken has a goatee which makes him look a little sleazy too. Unless it’s Movember, clean shaven Ken is the way to go.  

Date of release: 1 June 2003
Mattel price: US$150.00
Label: Limited Edition
Ebay price as at October 2012: US$100 - $200

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