Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trench Setter

Aside from Robert Best's gorgeous drawings printed on the trench coat, this Trench Setter Silktone Barbie is really boring! I simply cringed when I typed "trench setter"! Her side parted shoulder length blonde hair is curled at the ends, and she wears silver earrings. She has a beauty spot above her pale pink lips (which matches her painted finger nails) and has dramatically lined eyes with blue eyeshadow. She looks lifeless (yes, I know she is a doll) and a little forlorn. Perhaps she is sad because she could have worn any outfit, yet Mattel decided to dress her in this utterly dull ensemble.

Front view of the trench coat

Back view of the trench coat
Barbie wears a plain white cotton blouse teamed with a super tiny black skirt. She carries a black handbag and wears black court shoes. If Mattel releases dolls wearing the outfits printed on the coat, I will scrimp and save every cent to buy them!

Release date: 1 February 2003
Mattel price: US$69.99
Label: Limited Collection
Ebay price as at August 2012: US$65 - $US90

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  1. Hi Karen. Not sure if you are on ozsale.com, but they have collectible barbies for sale for a short time. Best wishes, Amy.