Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Escada Barbie

I remember admiring the Escada Barbie at Myer Melbourne when I first started collecting, but couldn’t afford the steep A$150 price tag on a uni student’s budget. This Barbie is magnificent and perfectly designed, so when I saw her on eBay a few years ago, I made a starting bid at A$50. Unfortunately I missed out by $1 (argh!), but the seller was kind to email me to say she had another Escada Barbie and I could have it for A$50! Yeah!

Barbie’s dark chocolate brown hair is perfectly coiffed in an elaborate chignon and she wears black crystal drop earrings and matching bracelet. She has a gorgeous sun kissed complexion, and her makeup is kept minimal, allowing one to admire her brown eyes, rooted eye lashes and pink open lip smile.

Barbie's gown is spectacular with a tight fitted black velvet bodice. The plastic strap holding the dress has disintegrated over the years, but Barbie has not had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction (yet)! Her skirt of pink silk shantung layered ball gown is edged with black velvet, and perfectly complements her pink and black stole. I haven’t de-boxed this Barbie so I’m not sure what kind of shoes she wears, but given the quality and detail of the design, I’m sure her feet are adorned with perfect shoes!

Release date: 1 January 1996
Label: Limited Edition
Ebay price as at January 2013: US$35 - US$140