Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jude Deveraux The Raider Barbie and Ken Doll Giftset

I don’t remember where I bought this Jude Deveraux The Raider Barbie and Ken Doll Giftset, but it was on sale so you know I couldn’t walk away. Barbie (as Jessica Taggert) and Ken (as Alexander Montgomery/The Raider) are characters of Jude Deveraux’s The Raider romance novel, and it just makes me giggle when I look at them because it is so corny (in a good way). The display box resembles a cover of the book with the damsel (why are they always in distress?) looking like she is about to faint into the arms of an alpha male (why can’t these guys keep their shirt on? Well, I suppose with abs like that…). It’s hilarious – just look at them!

Barbie’s long blonde hair falls gently into waves, and she has a dreamy far away look in her eyes as she gazes at Ken. Her off-the-shoulder dress is trimmed with white lace and has short chiffon puff sleeves. Her violet blue taffeta bodice is laced up in ribbons accentuating her minuscule waist and ample bosom. Her full skirt consist of a violet blue floral jacquard under a sheer layer of periwinkle chiffon which is gathered at the left hip adorned with a posy of lilac and white flowers.

Ken looks very muscular indeed with his impressive abs and bulging biceps which are hidden under a puffy white shirt with full long sleeves. His shirt is unbutton (of course), and tucked into his tight black pants. He wears a thick black brass buckled belt and long black leather boots. Ken has tied back shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and his five o’clock shadow supposedly adds to his manly good looks!

This set does not come with doll stands so Barbie and Ken will forever pose like this. This set is classified under the Fantasy category. 

Release date: 1 June 2003
Mattel price: US$79
Label: Limited Edition
Ebay price as at September 2012: US$50 - US$200


  1. I happen to have 2 sets of these dolls, one in pristine minty mint condition while the earlier one I got came in a dented box so I just deboxed them. Actually you might be surprised to find out that the Ken doll is slightly shorter than other Kens. So when you put them together out of the box is kinda like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise thing going on, LOL! Anyhow the workmanship is exquisite. Barbie's corset-like bodice couldn't be easy to make. And small touches like the rosette on her waist is pretty graceful. A far cry from the recent release like the Kate and Will set. I love sets and collect most of them, but that one is a bit off too me. Don't know why, but it does seem a little shabby to me...

    1. Hi Paulus, many thanks for leaving a comment on my blog (I was so excited!) I don't know of any other Barbie collectors so it is fantastic to "meet" you and read your thoughts on Barbie (and Ken).

      Thank you for your advice about Ken's height - I had no idea! Haha about the Tom-Kat description, loved it!

      Oh I know, I was disappointed with the Kate and Will set too - see

    2. Thanks for the link! Saw it and dropped a comment. Anyhow, I read somewhere that despite the unfortunate thing with the height this Ken doll is described by some collectors as the finest Ken doll ever made. I do agree especially in the light of recent releases (either Collector editions or playlines) that look so gay they are an insult to Barbie. Surely you saw some gay jokes made about Ken somewhere right, LOL!

      Another notable Ken doll you might find interesting is the Tango Ken doll from the Tango Ken and Barbie set. He is the first doll to feature that face mold and to me it is the most handsome Ken doll I ever see. You might want to check it out if you have the time...=)

    3. I think Ken's eyebrows are a little too defined for a man and his long eyelashes make him look a little effeminate.

      What do you think about James Bond Ken ( - he's pretty hunky even with the wrinkles!

      I don't have the Tango set but have the Waltz set which I will post shortly (I'm afraid work just takes too much of my time!)

    4. I tend to use the dolls for makeovers as characters of my own choosing. So I dressed the lady from this set in the Italian Renaissance princess outfit, and she is a perfect Lucrezia Borgia!

      I didn't like the over-muscled body on the man, so performed a head-transplant and cleaned up the stubble… With a waistcoat and tricolor sash, he makes a very dashing Louis-Antoine Saint-Just in my Revolutionary doll group, accompanying Max and Ellie.