Friday, October 5, 2012

Lady Camille

Lady Camille is the second Barbie released as part of the Portrait Collection (see Mademoiselle Isabelle) and I think her most striking feature is her amazing hair. Her side parted, auburn brown with blonde streaks is curled in ringlets and is enviously full and luscious. Her complexion however is deathly pale, and I think too pale for her hair and the gown she is wearing. This Barbie reminds me of Kristen Dunst’s character, Claudia in Interview with the Vampire. Claudia was pale (she was a vampire) and her hair is similar to the scene where she fiercely cuts off her locks, which magically regenerates seconds later. I think this is what Claudia would have looked like if she was turned into a vampire at adulthood.

Barbie wears a pair of gold filigree tear shaped pearl drop earrings, and a double stranded pearl choker. Her champagne coloured jacquard gown is stunning, with sheer chiffon draping elegantly around her shoulders and billowing around hips. The gown is embellished with strands of pearls, and pearls are also sewn to her dress. As this Barbie is stilled boxed, I can't see what kind of shoes she is wearing.

This Barbie is intended to remain in the box because it is packaged in a 19th century shadowbox style to resemble a framed three dimensional painting. Barbie appears to be standing in a drawing room before a grand mirror and fireplace. She has a reflection in the mirror, so she couldn't possibly be a vampire?

Date of release: 1 February 2003
Mattel price: US$79.00
Label: Limited Collection
Ebay price as at October 2012: US$110 - US$300


  1. This girl is something you need to see in real life to appreciate. The details are amazing! I love the seed pearls sewn on the white inlay of her gown and do you notice the lovely floral motif on it? The 2 layer paneling of chiffon over jacquard is exquisite. Lovely chandelier earrings too! I collect Barbie dolls with my brother and this one is his favorite in this collection. Mine is the Duchess Emma btw, and Isabelle happens to be a mutual favorite of ours. Isn't it great to have a collection where you have a personal favorite as well as one you like with your fellow collector (and brother)? LOL~

    1. You are so lucky to have a brother who shares the same hobby/passion as you! Non collectors don't find such things as fasinating as collectors do :)

      I love the hand sewn beads on her dress too! It's the details I marvel at and I never tire of examining the accessories, jewerly, fabric, shoes etc.

    2. Now that makes 2 of us, LOL! I'm beyond obsessed with intricate costuming these dolls! If you have some extra cash to spare I suggest you try the girls from the Women Of Royalty series. Details are amazing! Very very expensive though, but well worth the money, I assure you...=)

    3. The Royalty series is SO gorgeous but I can't afford another doll collection.

      Check out my post on my other blog (I know, I should get out more) about the Fashion Royalty exhibition held in April this year.