Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Model No. 05 — Collection 001

My Aunty Jenny took one look at this Model No. 05 and shook her head in disgust saying she looked like a vixen, which isn't a compliment if you are Chinese (see Huli Jing)!

Model No. 05 features the Kayla/Lea face sculpt and is made to look "ethnic" (cringe). She has long black hair, blown eyes with dramatic smokey eye makeup and full red lips. Her finger and toes nails are painted in the same shade of red.

Barbie wears a tight fitted strapless knee-length dress, and black open toe high heels. I wasn't a huge fan of the Basics Collection, but Mattel had so kindly modeled this Barbie after me, I couldn't resist buying her!

Date of Release: 19 November 2009
Mattel price: US$19.95
Label: Black
Ebay price as at November 2012: US$35 - US$80

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